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Dealing With Repair Frustrations -ETCG1

Dealing With Repair Frustrations is something we all do. If you’ve ever fixed anything I’m sure you’ve run into a situation where you became frustrated. It’s just part of the process I suppose. I believe it’s how you deal with these frustrations that sets you apart. If you’re able to deal with them effectively then I think you’ll be successful in repair as a career. If not, then you might consider a different profession. Even if you’re not intent on being a professional technician, I think you can still benefit from learning how to deal with frustrations.

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**A side note about this video. This is the first ETCG1 video shot with my new camera. It’s also the first ETCG1 video to be edited on my new software. As a result you’ll notice some new things in the video. So don’t freak out that things are a little different. Personally, I think it’s better, I hope you agree.

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