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ETCG Gets a 2001 Integra GSR

Don’t get excited. Forget you even saw this car as it will be some time before you start seeing videos on it. I bought it because the opportunity came up, nothing more. I had waited 15 years after all.

I have a long history with this car. In fact, I think I did the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) on it. I’ve also been maintaining it for the past 15 years. I’ve put my time in.

I was a little shocked that the owner was ready to sell. She loved this car but it was starting to show it’s age. Old age or not, this car is in great shape and will make a nice ride when I’m done with it.

BTW this is the 6th Integra I’ve owned. It’s probably one of my favorite Hondas of all time. I’m happy to have it.

Intro music by Eric Cook “ETCG1 Intro”.

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